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25-12-2010, 18:02
How do i use an ocx control such as a custom button in Free pascal
I know it can be done in Delphi
but i am not sure about Free pascal
and will it work the same in Free pascal and Delphi

26-12-2010, 00:29
Here they talk about the problem and why it is not worth the hassles.


26-12-2010, 04:13
there seems to be a couple of unsolved posts about ocx on that fourum
and also it says there are files that are distributed with Lazarus which appear to be for useing ocx activex.o,activex.ppu,libpactivex.a & activex.pp
even wikipedia has some ocx mentioned
"The 2.2.x series vastly improve the ActiveX/COM, interface, and OLE support"
"Aside from the language support, the library support for ActiveX was also improved."

surely somebody has got it working
in some sort of top secret ocx project maybe :)

not worth the hassle?
that page says
Personally I think that ActiveX is a nice technology and in the spirit of RAD. Just an example from the real life:

Few weeks ago I've received a scales (I do not know if it's a correct english word - by "scales" I mean device to measure weight) which I need to program. Each measurment needed to be store in database. Without an ActiveX control which provides me GUI and events out of the box I would have to write own wrapper for the dll, own GUI and I would need to test it. How long would it take? For me few hours probably. How long it took me with already premade control? Few mintes - it was trivial.