View Full Version : Few thoughts on OpenCL, first custom problem solved

Petr Schreiber
22-04-2010, 15:00
After few weeks swimming in OpenCL, I found out few interesting facts.

You can download ATi Computing SDK and use OpenCL.DLL from there to run OpenCL on your multicore AMD CPU, but on my 1 cored Sempron it performs a bit worse than C#.

Situation with GPU OpenCL is much more interesting, the drivers converged both on ATi and NVIDIA side to state you can use OpenCL without being angry too often.

I just finished fine tuning the first custom problem for GPU, which is not adaptation of classic problems such a convolution or FFT. More or less it is precomputing 360 ray collision with model of real world environment.
The original version takes minutes on CPU, on 9500GT GPU I get 40x boost, resulting in change to just few seconds. This all driven from within ThinBasic.

I am prepairing article on this topic, which sadly cannot be published before September 2010, when it will be presented on robotics conference. To entertain you a bit, I attach the image output of the method in ground floor of university building.


UPDATE: Articles can be downloaded here (http://www.thinbasic.com/community/showthread.php?10780-TBGL-Support-not-available-from-Petr-16.9-2010-18.9-2010&p=81005&viewfull=1#post81005)

Michael Hartlef
22-04-2010, 19:10