View Full Version : OpenCL: Video introduction

Petr Schreiber
16-01-2010, 23:51
Those who don't like to read through technical documentation might be interested in following video resources:

ATI Stream OpenCL™ Technical Overview Video Series (http://developer.amd.com/documentation/videos/OpenCLTechnicalOverviewVideoSeries/Pages/default.aspx)

ATi really made me happy by jumping the OpenCL train and providing very nice introduction, I hope you will like it as well.
It can be listened without watching the video as it is really explaining the basics.

Side note: The tutorials are very good, but the initialization of device described there is obsolete and works no longer on NVIDIA or ATi cards. The one present in ThinBASIC examples is correct.


17-01-2010, 09:51
I fit the category, love those video tutorials anywhere I find them thanks for the link Petr.