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  1. Poll: 2D, 2.5D or 3D
  2. Poll: What kind of game?
  3. CodingMonkeys contest 2009 rules
  4. Design document, anyone?
  5. Poll: WWI dogfight or WipOut clone?
  6. Modelling stuff and creating things...
  7. Project Name
  8. Game: Story, Setting (Michael Clease)
  9. Game: Track implementation
  10. Game: Game modes
  11. So how do you want to work on the game?
  12. Game Code Sections
  13. Project: Time frame, schedule
  14. Game (Story, Settings) by Lionheart
  15. Game: Music track/s...
  16. Game: (Story II, Setting) (Michael Clease)
  17. Game: How to implement Multiplayer?
  18. Game: Limitations and Play interaction
  19. Game: Input control... Simple or complex?
  20. Poll: Game story and setting
  21. Hovercraft or WipeOut Glider???
  22. Poll: Game stories duel
  23. Few ideas on the game
  24. Game: Current design document
  25. Idea for new module to support game
  26. I step back, no more project leader. (Former Should we go on?)
  27. MOVED: models, examples & background files
  28. Project Status?
  29. future cars design :)
  30. Video of what I was seeing in my head... Since I never played wipe-out.