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XML functionality are not handled by a specific module but using and include file inside scripts using it.


How to do?


XML functionalities are now implemented using a wrapper developed by José Roca.


To use XML functionalities inside a script just add the following line of code:




This line will tell thinBasic to load all XML functionalities from an include file thinBasic will maintain. All XML interface functions are inside a new library called "TB_XML60.DLL" maintained by thinBasic.

Many functions are listed in new XML interface. We will not document all of them but instead we will create some self documented scripts you can use as driving direction. Of course we will give our support in thinBasic forum.


See examples in thinBasic\SampleScripts\XML\ directory to have an initial idea on how to implement XML parsing in your scripts.


More documentation?


For more documentation, see official MSXML (Microsoft XML Core Services) documentation at