Hi all.

We have created a new forum located at: http://community.thinbasic.com/index.php?board=166.0
Forum is only visible to registered users and will be used to discuss about the new coming thinBasic version.

Why this forum?
Next thinBasic version comes with a big number of new features and a complete new strategy for developing User Interface applications. New User Interface applications will be developed using CallBack functions. Callback functions are special functions attached to dialogs or dialog controls and will be used to automatically handle events coming from their owner (a dialog or a control). Handling events will be much more precise, easy to be written and easy to be managed especially for complex scripts.

So ...
thinBasic is already available in a pre-release version where most of the new features have already been implemented and documented for the most part. There are also some examples to look at. In any case other changes will occur so it may be that some new features will change syntax or behave before final version will be out.

thinBasic preview version 1 7.0.0 is available on request only for forum registered users. If you are interested in having a test and help us to discover bugs before final release will be out, you are welcome. Send me a personal message using PM in forum and I will send you the link where to download thinBasic