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Thread: Old "Freescape" game remade

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    Old "Freescape" game remade

    "Total Eclipse" was a 3Dgraphic adventure made by Incentive Software in 1986...
    It used the "Freescape" technique.

    I just saw it has been remade using solid 3d and for retro fans a "must-see". It is totally "freeware" with no ads, popups or limitations.

    download link:

    See also:

    Very nice game.

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    Re: Old "Freescape" game remade

    Hey cat I can still remember playing 'Total Eclipse' on my speccy.

    I played the remake last year when it was given away with a PC magazine & I still didn't have the skill to proceed very far in it.
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    Re: Old "Freescape" game remade

    There must be direct proportion between revelation of great games in moment I have absolutely no time to play them.
    Why, why, why ?

    I bookmarked them, it looks very promising.

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