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Thread: FTP (and other) modules

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    FTP (and other) modules

    Just discovered ThinBASIC, and so far it looks GREAT.

    While digging around, I ran across some references to the FTP module, but all the documentation includes is the function names.

    Is the FTP module functional? If so is there any reference to the function syntax? If I had some reference to the required variables, I could probably have enough to get started.

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    Re: FTP (and other) modules

    Hi Paul, thanks and welcome.

    Yes, we still have to document FTP functionalities in help.
    You should have a FTP example in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\FTP\Test_FTP.tBasic that connects to "" as anonymous listing the files. This script can give you some details on how to use FTP module.

    If you can be patient for a while I can give a go on FTP documentation. Mid next week could be enough to have something ready.

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    Re: FTP (and other) modules

    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed. Never thought about scanning through the samples. (at least I looked through the help file!)

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