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    Linked Lists


    I'm quite confused by LL module.
    I absolutely don't know what it has to do

    According to name I can just guess it is some thing, with which I can join one element to other. What is it's purpose ? Is this technology from Earth?

    I'v seen the example script but I still can't get it

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    Linked Lists

    Yes, example is minimal and stupid, I agree.

    LL module is a way to store related information all in one place and by name, something similar to associative arrays.

    Have a look at #INCLUDE keyword in the help file.
    There, I've used such an object to store all the informations related to a web site.

    You can see online example at
    In this example all the condifuration parameters are saved into a LL object under the name gConfig. The first call to LL_ADD mainly create the object with the first element. All the other calls add other configuration parameters.

    In the next #INCLUDE example I recall configuration parameters using their names with function LL_DataByName.

    It's not easy at first but very powerfull. You can save big amount of data inside such object.

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