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Thread: Back in germany...

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    Back in germany...

    After many months( >15 ), i finally left the philippines and since last thursday 7:45 a.m. i am in germany again. Thanks to you all who helped us (my wife and me), we couldn't have survived without your support. Sadly i am currently still alone here but i do all i can to bring my wife here soon.
    The boss of the company where i worked before i left agreed to employ me again as soon my situation here is stable, i.e. i have a home and no more worries about my wife who suffers now a lot, stuck alone and poor in Manila. It's really a hardship for both of us to be separated right now and i pity her a lot that she has to go through this now.
    Anyway here i have possibillities to do something, ergo life will get better!
    Thanks a mill again
    maybe no PC currently but always a head full of ideas

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    welcome back ReneMiner .
    you should never go outside Germany or at least Europe, don't you see all the other world wants to Migrate to Europe and not vice versa??
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    Welcome back, Rene,

    take your time to settle down, secure yourself and feel comfy again!
    I am sure all the suffering is temporary and you will be soon with your love one.

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    I'm happy.
    Hope you solve the distance. | |
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