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Thread: Languages energy-consumption

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    Post Languages energy-consumption

    Mostly programmers think of execution-speed or conserving memory but did you ever think of differences in energy-consumption when using a programming-language?
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    Hi Rene,

    this is an interesting benchmark, thanks for sharing.

    Interesting to see the dark side of functional languages illustrated like this.

    Maybe I would appreciate more clarity regarding which C, C++ and Rust implementations were used.
    Using just "gcc" for C/C++ is mkay, but specifying Rust just by version is a sign of a bit less scientific research.
    Rust can use different compilers as backends and I am confident the results would vary a lot.

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    I would have thought that languages that are interpreted or that need a Virtual Machine / Framework would have higher energy requirements. But with modern processors doing so many things in the background regarding Caching and Optimisations, I'm not too sure any longer.

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