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Thread: Brain & coding challenge

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    Lightbulb Brain & coding challenge


    I was attending the conference Machine Learning Prague this weekend, and there was a nice challenge for the visitors:

    Figure out password, that is quite weak (one English word)

    • Goldfinger
    • Dark Knight
    • The Phantom Menace
    • The Wrath of Khan
    • Judgement Day
    • The Goblet of Fire

    The first part of the thinking you can do yourself (or use machine learning to find the meaning of the hint).
    Once you have this, the second part is achieveable in thinBasic.

    My solution attached, but first - try to challenge yourself


    P.S. Looking directly at my solution will not help you, because you need to do the first part of the thinking to understand what do the sentences represent.
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    Oh my goodness!
    Guess I cannot figure this out without a thinbasic-program

    It will have to XOr True those of the suggested that contain weird characters as Chr$(&H20).

    I will need at least 1 week to code this and another week to type in all the suggests

    Or do I have to watch all of them?
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