Udt - improvement

Just thoughts...:

The UDTs in tB already have properties and functions.
Quite good so far.

What will be next?

We know from other languages events on GUI-controls (buttons, textboxes etc.) as "_click()", "_gotFocus()".
Did you know that the UDTs in thinbasic already have EVENTS ?

Currently there's ._create() and ._destroy() only - but it shows a direction.
The difference is, event-functions-names in let's say visual basic are composed of the variables name and the event name, not separated by a dot but just like "Button1_Click()".
How good thinbasic supports already:
Dim vN  As String ' holds variables name
Dim eN As String ' holds events name

 Call_IfExists "" & vN & eN {(parameters)}