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Thread: UI difference between bundled app and running from thinAir

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    UI difference between bundled app and running from thinAir

    I get different styles of controls when I bundle my app:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    On the left you'll see the way it looks when run from a bundled an app.

    On the right is how it looks when run from ThinAir.

    Is there an easy way to maintain consistency across both ways of running the program? (i.e. make them both look the same)

    This is on a Windows 7 computer.


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    Yes, it's a bug.

    Bundled executables are produced adding themed manifest in the executable produced by thinBundle.
    So the operating system (Windows) creates windows and controls in themed layout.

    When you execute a script from inside thinAir, the script is executed by the thinBasic.exe executable that has no manifest file inside.
    The operating system (Windows) does not find the theme inside the manifest so it creates windows and controls using unthemed layout.

    I will add theme manifest inside thinBasic.exe to uniform the layout.


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    Very good! Thanks for the explanation. It's not a huge deal to me, but it does mean I have to use the bundled app to generate all training documentation. I'm also having trouble with fonts changing as I run the code on different machines, but I think that's a separate issue.


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