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Thread: thinBasic 1.10.5 help on testing a new feature

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    Ok, I tried again. The first time it took about 15-20 seconds till the window appeared. Just like yesterday. The charts showed up after that pretty fast. Just like that link you sent me.
    The second and every other time I ran the app, it came up almost instantly.
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    Great, thanks a lot.

    What I'm here trying to achieve is:
    1. having a general control container able to show almost any visual ActiveX component.
      This seems done
    2. having the ability to connect to hosted visual ActiveX component using an iDispatch object and interact with hosted component calling its methods and changing its properties.
      This seems done.
    3. having the ability to install an event handle in order to intercept events fired by hosted component.
      This will be quite tricky and complex to achieve so far for me. I still need to study a bit ATL components.

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