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Thread: Console_WriteLine don't accept negative numbers?

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    Console_WriteLine don't accept negative numbers?

    Why Console_WriteLine don't accept negative values?

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    4th line is OK but 5th line says: "Error 262 - Invalid delimiter".

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    my opinion:
    the 1 considered by Console_WriteLine as string and not a number, the proof is
    Console_WriteLine 1+1 will output 11 and not 2. while in the case of -1 the "-" is a mathematical operation forcing the 1 to be a number (negative number) which is not allowed by Console_WriteLine
    but interestingly
    '---Load Console Module
    Uses "Console"
    Long A,B
    B= 2
    '---Print the magic words
    Console_WriteLine A+2
    PrintL "Press a key to end program"
    '---Wait for a key press
    will output -12 so it seems Console_WriteLine converts the contents of A to string so string -1 & string 2 = -12

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    Console_WriteLn or PrintL (are the same function) before printing they go ahead in parsing trying to understand if next token is a start of a numeric or string expression. Based on that result, it evaluates string expression or numeric expression.

    Evidently it does a poor determination.

    To be always in the right track, use STR$() or TSTR$() or FORMAT$() or any function reading a numeric expression returning its value as a string to print out numeric expressions.

    Thanks for letting me know. I will see if I can improve kind determination.

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