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Thread: Sorting Arrays DB Way SQLite

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    Sorting Arrays DB Way SQLite

    Ciao primo,

    thanks for your example here:
    Yes you are right, actually it is not possible to sort more than one array at the same time and also not possible to sort array of UDT based on one element of the UDT.
    Something to work on.

    But thinking to the problem ... with the latest thinBasic beta 1.10.x
    it is possible to use basic functionality of SQLite module to help in complex data structures where simple arrays cannot help.

    The following is an example, based on your example, in which a SQLIte DB is created in memory (or on disk if needed) and use the SQL syntax to solve situations where simple arrays are a pain.
    I've commented out PRINTL lines in order to see the speed. Un-comment them to see data but lower lMaxRows number of rows that are 100000

    uses "Console"
    uses "SQLIte"
      '---Choose if create a DB on disk or in memory
      'dim sDBName as string = app_sourcepath & "xxx.sqlite"
      dim sDBName as string = ":memory:"
      printl "Create DB" in %CCOLOR_FYELLOW
      sqlite_Open sDBName, "C"
      printl "Create Table and Index" in %CCOLOR_FYELLOW
      sqlite_Exe    "Drop Table If Exists MyTable"
      sqlite_Exe    "
                      Create Table MyTable (lNum INTEGER, sName TEXT);
                      Create Index idx1 on MyTable(lNum);
                      Create Index idx2 on MyTable(sName);
      dim lMaxRows  as long = 100000
      dim lRow      as Long
      dim lNum      as Long
      dim sName     as String
      printl "Fill the table with ", lMaxRows, "records" in %CCOLOR_FYELLOW
      for lRow = 1 to lMaxRows
        lNum  = Rnd(1, lMaxRows * 2)
        sName = Chr$(rnd(48, 126)) . format$(lRow, "00000")
        'PrintL sName . " -- " . lNum
        SQLite_Exe "INSERT INTO MyTable (lNum, sName) VALUES (" . lNum . ", """ . sName . """);"
      printl "Read data sorted and print" in %CCOLOR_FYELLOW
      sqlite_Select "Select * from MyTable order by lNum, sName"
      lRow = 0
      Do While sqlite_GetRow
        Incr lRow
        'printl strformat$("Rec {1}: {2}, {3}", lRow, SQLite_FieldValue("lNum"), SQLite_FieldValue("sName") )
      printl "---All done---" in %CCOLOR_FLIGHTGREEN
    It is possible to make also much more complex examples using multiple tables and making JOINs is SQL statements to connect heterogeneous data

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