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    i am a fan of downloading thousands of books, legal and illegal, albeit i don't read but a very little since my bad eyes vision, but i say to myself you should have this (important) book (like Stamp collecting exactly) i know some pirates sites makes huge profits from providing illegal books, but i don't distribute or share any books at all. it is only for storage on my external hard disks. before a year i have subscribed to it is a part from it provides ebooks to borrow. you can search the available books to borrow here . as an example puzzles, if you click on borrow (after login with your own free account) then you can browse the book inside a web browser or download the book as pdf. if you have downloaded the pdf version then no one else can borrow the book until the passing of half a month, very restricting. and to add to this complexity you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer so you can't read that book in another computer, or another PDF reader, nor you can give it to other persons. there is software (DRM remove) so you can read the books on another computer but you can't give it to another person because your email and personal name is watermarked on the book pages. so be careful. you can't pay 1 million dollar for the author who sold 2 copies in a whole year.
    about 1/5 of the books can't be downloaded as pdf but can be browsed with web browsers up to 13 can get the pages as pictures from the firefox Tools->web developers->Inspector but it is very hard to do this for more than a few pages unless you are very patient. most books have no counterpart commercial Ebooks books.
    usually they provide the (web browsers only) books for the best books
    as a proof that most people don't read the books they are downloading that there are many books lists in have names like this : for future, read later, to be read, and so on.

    Edit: an example of the borrowing system: look this book:
    you will see at the right : Readers waiting for this title: 6 , i am the next one and i was waiting for 28 days, now any time they will send me an email that this book now is available for you. i should dance. the 6th person will wait several months 3 or more !!!.
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