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Thread: where is DOS, where is Windows !!!

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    where is DOS, where is Windows !!!

    look how much the camera is far away and they can spy on bill gates and family so closely

    even you should be careful what you read in your smartphone
    Bill gates born October 28, 1955. but looks older.

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    Hi Primo,

    large zooms are not an issue for some time - combination of small chip (large crop factor) with classic lens can give a significant zoom boost.
    I am using myself Nikon 1 with 300mm full frame lenses, which gives, thanks to 2.7 crop factor, 810mm equivalent field of view. Great for Moon observing.

    Regarding this video in particular, I consider it behind the edge of ethic use of camera technology. Bill Gates is human as well, and sharing his private time with family on youtube is somehow wrong in my eyes.

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