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Thread: thinBasic 1.10.x

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    Thank you Eros, you are right, after installing the vc2015 x86 runtime on windows xp the thinbasic cJSON module works like charm.

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    Hi Eros,

    I love the way you shrunk oxygen.dll to less than 1/3 of its original size (my universe in 150k!). Is it UPX? I could adopt the compression as standard
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    Ciao Charles,

    Yes it is UPX with option: "--ultra-brute"
    This option try to compress with 72 different compression methods and at the end it chooses the best
    Option "--brute" is faster because it try only 32 methods and is quite good too in compressing.

    I use UPX for all thinBasic modules DLLs, all EXEs, all bundled EXEs.
    Without UPX thinBasic setup would be more than 35Mb instead of just 16Mb


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    I have been testing UPX compression on all my binaries, without any problems or noticible delays. So I would like to distribute all OxygenBasic binaries UPX-compressed. We will just see if anyone has any major objections on the forum.

    With oxygen.dll 530kb:
    --best 156kb
    --brute 140 kb
    --ultra-brute 140kb

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