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    thinBasic 1.10.x

    thinBASIC 1.10.x.x

    Download from:

    2017.09.29 13:00 (CET Time) updated to

    New quick update version just for adding a quicker way to declare and initialize iDispatch variables.
    It is now possible to declare and instantiate an iDispatch variable on the same statement. Examples of valid statements:
    iDispatch objFSO = NewCom("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    dim objFSO as iDispatch = NewCom("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Also added few new examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\iDispatch\

    2017.09.22 20:37 (CET Time) updated to

    Here we are again with a new beta.
    I would like to call this beta a WOW beta for the new features it brings inside regarding interfacing with COM object using the new variable type: iDispatch

    I already gave some hints on COM here:
    Just to say that we are only at the very beginning, there are still many limitations (for example not possible to write compound multiple objects with dotted notation) but I'm working to give programmers the best experience I can using COM.

    To have a look at new iDispatch variable type usage, please check examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\iDispatch\ directory


    • Some fixes
    • added new data structure linked list with a lot of features and more will come in next beta
    • fix thinAir autocompletion, if not visible activate it in thinAir options

    Full list of changes:
    And, as usual, all is documented in thinBasic .chm offline help file.

    2017.08.02 11:30 (CET Time) updated to

    Here we are again with a new beta:

    • Some fixes
    • fully documented cJSON module
      Examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\cJSON\
    • added new functions to cJSON module
    • fully documented StringBuilder module
    • added a new experimental module working with SQLite data. For the moment very basic commands.
      Example with SQL DB in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\SQLite\

    Full list of changes in help file or online at

    2017.07.23 19:30 (CET Time) updated to

    Here we are again with a new beta: finished to document MSXML2 module, added a new module CJSON still under development and make some fixes.

    • Scintilla editor: fixed possibility to loose source code when switching from Codemax to Scintilla editor
    • Scintilla editor: now font name and size is taken from thinAir options
    • Scintilla editor: added zooming in editor right click
    • Scintilla editor: changed some file saving strategy
    • completed documentation and added some script examples for new module MSXML2. This module is great for connecting to remote http server to get back data. Example usage: REST API. See examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\MSXML2\ directory
    • added a new experimental module: CJSON.
      ATTENTION: this module need VCRUNTIME140.DLL installed in order to work. It can be downloaded from Microsoft
      Will be documented in next versions but you can already have an idea looking at \thinBasic\SampleScripts\CJSON\ directory

    2017.06.30 21:50 (CET Time) updated again
    Added missing file used for scintilla auto-completion: suggestion listbox while typing
    Updated TBGL

    It is time to open a new Beta phase to show ongoing new features that will be present in next stable release.
    This version will be an ongoing development version for some time.

    Among other changes, this version introduced 3 big changes

    • introduced Scintilla control editor as an optional control editor in thinAir.
      To test Scintilla Code Editor goto [thinAir options\Editor\Editor Type] then choose SCINTILLA, then close/open thinAir.
      We are just at the beginning, Scintilla has a huge number of features and I will need time to study and take advantages of them
      See images for example of some of the new features
    • Scintilla will now open the option to have UTF-8 in scripts. A lot of work is still to be done on that side but at least we have opened the door.
      See image and example in \SampleScrips\Unicode\
    • ADODB module officially added as stable module. Quite completely documented all new features.
      Still some work to do (like adding Command class) but a lot is already in there.
      See examples into \SampleScripts\ADODB\

    See help (online and offline) for details of all new features introduced in this version:
    More detailed info, features and examples will come next weeks.

    Previous 1.9.16.x beta versions (in case of any needs):
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