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Thread: Uniformity to match TBGL with other Modules

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    Uniformity to match TBGL with other Modules

    Thanks to Primo's test of my test noise dll, it brought up an important issue of different types.
    In studying Ken Perlin's code, he uses floats, doubles, integers. Since I am adapting his code for thinBasic's use,
    I need your input Petr on what types all things should be so that I can make them compatible with TBGL.

    I do already see that you need to add a tbgl_trgbaf type or similar, so that floating point color values can be used. And if doubles supported, then will need to add a type for that. Up to you, I will write the code for dll accordingly to keep things uniform.

    So in essence, what should I use. For instance, I don't see int32 in the help but you had mentioned it before?:
    Perlin TBGL Use
    Double Double Single?
    Float Single Single?
    Int Long ?
    uint dword ?
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