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Thread: How to jump over loops in thinDebug ?

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    How to jump over loops in thinDebug ?

    Hi all,
    I was just playing with thinDebug. I would like to know, how can i jump over a loop in thinDebug. For example, i am playing with FileLine_TestReading.tBasic in example folder. It contains a loop to read the text from file. I don't want to waste my time by clicking in "Step in" button. Is there any option to completely step over the loop and go to next section of code ?

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    You can set a breakpoint on the code line you want to jump and then press Run (F5)
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    Go to the line you want to jump to (it must be a script line, not a comment or empty line). Then set a breakpoint using CTRL + F2 or using the hand button in the toolbar.
    Then press Run button or F5 to start automatic execution

    thinBasic will execute the script until it will encounter a breakpoint and than stops

    Another useful way for complex script is to add breakpoint comments directly into your source script using right click into thinAir and then "Insert Code Block" / "Debugger BreakPoint" or inserting them manually.
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    Breakpoint comments are special comments starting with '[breakpoint] text. Example:
    '[breakpoint] Stops just after main loop
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    They are intercepted by thinDebug when it starts.

    When inside thinDebug, pressing Run (F5) will execute your script but it will stop execution when it encounter a break point.

    Hope this help

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    Hi Eros,
    Wow ! Great features. Let me check each of them. Thanks for your answer.

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