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Thread: parser for the formulas style of excel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edcronos View Post
    Of course it is far from something that can be taken seriously and has to have a series of support and pre-verification functions of data and structure
    But I do not think it's impossible for an experienced programmer
    There is no question that it is possible. The question is whether you must reinvent the wheel.

    Rather than pasting code block after code block, perhaps you can explain in human terms what it is you're trying to accomplish.

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    Em vez de colar bloco de código após o bloco de código, talvez você possa explicar, em termos humanos o que é que você está tentando realizar.
    Even because it's not something that's working

    Não há dúvida de que é possível. A questão é se você deve reinventar a roda.
    I believe that the wheel is always being reinvented,
    I think you can and you should

    Then, what would be the purpose of thinbasic, freebasic, java, c ++ ...
    They all do the same thing differently,

    But what I intend to do is not even close to the proposal of these ideas

    It would be just to have an option to write
    And (test1,Or(testB , test2), test3)
    instead of
    test1 And (testB Or test2) And test3
    Some even accept the "()" to separate tests, but others like the vba have to structure in a very complex way to put everything together
    I put a cascade structure
    if Test1 then
        if testB Or test2 then
            if Test3 then
            end if
       end if
    end if
    As I said "look like the excel style"
    My use is for arrays,
    So you do not have to keep typing a bunch of lines with "for and if" with each new filter idea, and check
    What I had set up despite something rude, and rather limited, worked for simple things

    Well, I do not know if you can understand my explanation.
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    Hi Edcronos,

    then what about this, which works already:
    All(test1, Some(testB , test2), test3)
    @Harsh: +1

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    Can be a solution for simpler cases
    Do these functions solve all the questions, then show the result,

    or leave the tests when it is no longer possible a false or true?
    Test1 = true
    Test2 = false "exits function with value = false"
    Test3 = true "is not tested because it has already had a previous false"
    Test4 = true
    Test1 = true "exits function with value = true"
    Test2 = false "is not tested because it has already had a previous true"
    Test3 = true
    Test4 = true

    Is there any counting function for true or false tests?
    Test1 = true
    Test2 = false
    Test3 = true
    Test4 = true
    =3 questions true
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