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    thinBASIC 1.9.16.X

    ThinBASIC 1.9.16.x

    Download from:

    2016.08.14 11:15 (CET Time) updated to version added few additional classes, one module from Petr (StringBuilder), fixed and improved few features.
    See list of changes at

    2016.02.04 23:15 (CET Time) updated to version added few more features to Hash Table. Added thinBasic recent paths. Added a new very interesting data structure: AVL Tree. Create a tree, add new nodes key/data pairs, traverse tree in order from top to bottom and bottom to top. See AVL Tree example in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\DataStructure\
    2016.01.24 12:15 (CET Time) updated to version fixed a Tokenizer bug. Added more features to Hash Table now able to change Hash Table capacity and to Clone an Hash Table into another with all key/data pairs.
    2016.01.23 12:50 (CET Time) updated to version other fixed in Exit Do, more pre-parsing error checking in IF/ELSE/END IF, few fix in zLib module
    2016.01.22 11:43 (CET Time) updated to version hopefully fixed Exit Do. Changed HASH Table functions in order to avoid Second WW SS acronym See Hash Table example in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\DataStructure\
    2016.01.21 12:14 (CET Time) updated to version an important bug fixed: numeric parameters passed BYREF in user defined functions not working properly. Added new native Core data structure: Hash Table and some functions working with it. Those of you in need to store great amount of data in order to quickly retrieve will love it. See Hash Table example in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\DataStructure\
    2016.01.20 22:55
    (CET Time) updated to version this version had a BUG that GPF Core Engine. Discard!
    2016.01.18 21:42 (CET Time) updated to version some fix, changed the way #INCLUDE find files, added left/right bit shift << >>, added C notation for hex numbers, added Scintilla Edit Control in template dialogs (it's a start), numeric and string equates (constants starting with % or $) can now be declared also without = sign, #INCLUDE and #INCLUDEDIR can now have many meta tags for getting special folders, improved profile info
    2015.12.21 05:20 (CET Time) updated to version some fix, added APP_IniFile, renamed #TRACE to #PROFILE, added a profile utility (see help), added more profile info: time spent in function stack allocation/de-allocation, number of function parameters, number of function local variables
    2015.12.16 23:45 (CET Time) updated to version some fix plus new #TRACE directive. See help for more info
    2015.12.14 21:10 (CET Time) updated to version nothing new compared to but LD function renamed to StrDistance
    2015.12.13 20:41 (CET Time) updated to version #BUNDLE File ... added, FOR ... WHEN ... added, LD function added, ZLib_ExtractToString function added. See help for info
    2015.12.01 17:30 (CET Time) updated to version dynamic arrays (numeric and dyn strings) inside TYPEs can now extends the power of thinBasic TYPEs. A new tokenizer module class.
    2015.11.23 17:23 (CET Time) updated to version some urgent fixes
    2015.11.11 20:00 (CET Time) updated to version some fixes
    2015.11.04 07:40 (CET Time) updated to version improved ARRAY SORT ... adding Collate Ucase. Thanks to René Miner.
    2015.11.02 21.15 (CET Time) updated to version fixed error reported by Petr Schreiber.

    Previous 1.9.16.x beta versions (in case of any needs):

    This version will be an ongoing development version for some time.
    Among other changes, this version introduced 1 great new change:

    • possibility to have TYPEs methods inside TYPE declaration.
    • possibility to define and re-dimension as many times as needed dynamic string and numeric arrays inside TYPEs

    Uses "console"
    Type tCircle
      Radius As Double
      lColor As Long 
      Function getRadius() As Double
        Return Me.Radius
      End Function
      Function getColor() As Double
        Return Me.lColor
      End Function
      Function getArea() As Double
        Return Me.Radius * Me.Radius * 3.1416
      End Function
    End Type
    Dim c1 As tCircle
    c1.Radius = 10
    c1.lColor = Rgb(255, 0, 0)
    PrintL "---Circle data---"
    PrintL "Radius:", c1.getRadius
    PrintL "Color:", c1.getColor
    PrintL "Area:", c1.getArea
    See help for details.
    More detailed info and examples will come next days.

    Have fun.
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