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Thread: OS_SHELL - Strange results using WMIC

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    OS_SHELL - Strange results using WMIC

    When I attempt to create a file containing a list of Windows Hotfixes using the WMIC command, I encounter the following error: Invalid XSL format (or) file name.

    If I paste the command that is placed on the clipboard by the script directly into a CMD dialog box, it works fine. Also, if I shorten the command to just
    wmic qfe list full /format:htable
    , this also works. Below is the script.

    Hoping someone can help.

    ' Create file containing list of Windows Hotfixes
    ' using the Windows Management Instrumentation Command (WMIC)
    ' command. This can produce and HTML file (cmdh) or a TXT file
    ' (cmdt).
    Uses "OS"
    Dim wm As String Value "wmic qfe list full "
    Dim h1 As String Value "/format:htable > "
    Dim h2 As String Value "%USERPROFILE%\hotfix.html"
    Dim t1 As String Value "/format:texttablewsys > "
    Dim t2 As String Value "%USERPROFILE%\hotfix.txt"
    Dim cmdh As String 
    Dim cmdt As String 
    cmdh = wm & h1 & $DQ & h2 & $DQ
    cmdt = wm & t1 & $DQ & t2 & $DQ
    MsgBox(0, cmdh)
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    Hi Django,

    what about this version? It works okay on my PC, feel free to change the style to hidden window...
    Uses "OS", "File"
    String wm = "wmic qfe list full "
    String h1 = "/format:htable > "
    String h2 = "%USERPROFILE%\hotfix.html"
    String t1 = "/format:texttablewsys > "
    String t2 = "%USERPROFILE%\hotfix.txt"
    String cmdh = wm & h1 & $DQ & h2 & $DQ
    String cmdt = wm & t1 & $DQ & t2 & $DQ
    Function RunCommand( sCommand As String )
      String tempBat = APP_SourcePath + "temp.bat"
      FILE_Save(tempBat, sCommand)
    End Function

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    Excellent Petr, Thank you.
    I'm still puzzled by the issue I encountered in the original script, but oh well.

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