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Thread: Cloud and mesh processing software ....

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    Cloud and mesh processing software ....

    Any one experience with these ?

    I found MeshLab (free) that is able to read ASC files (3D coordinates in ascii x y z CR ... etc ) , these ASC files are easy generated by ThinBasic. MeshLab can export to STL which is (also) used by (some ?) 3D plotters.
    The intention is the use this together with TBGL (as the visualisation of the design ).
    I'll try to make some examples ...

    if someone has experience ?

    t.i.a. Rob

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    If I get it right, TBGL has support for 3D models (M15 proprietary format, OBJ, ...) for loading and saving.

    Some examples into \thinBasic\SampleScripts\TBGL\m15Models\
    A lot more examples you can find in TBGL Bonus Packs, that are a collection of a lot of TBGL Scripts. You can find here in forum using top menu "thinBasic Resources/TBGL Bonus Pack ..." | |
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    Ah thanks Eros -- I'll have a look ,

    Meshlab works fine :
    generated with ThinBasic (3D matrix) , triangulation with MeshLab (and some LaPlace smoothening) (for a better view)

    best Rob
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    As far as I know STL-format does not have any "colors" (texel, vertex-colors, material colors)

    I made once some editor to create low-poly-meshes which it's able to im+export .m15 and .obj-formats.
    Also can save/convert meshes to TBGL--DisplayList-codelines which can be added simply to a thinBasic-script.

    Can find it here:
    maybe no PC currently but always a head full of ideas

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