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Thread: Thanks Petr,

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    Thanks Petr,

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    Post it here now since it sails under TBGL flag now.

    Yep, superb , splendid and other superlatives ;-) (I was unaware of that Win Api call ;-(

    As you predicted 1000 does not work, so switched to 1024
    Added a boolean retrun value in the module when the Esc key is pressed (I have to switch timers then - the main loop runs in another timer event - the timer event can shut itself down and start up the other -- well , probably there are better solutions - but for some strange reasons the main timer event was activated again when hitting a key at the fullscreen modus -- well, I think it was , after the Esc it was visible on the canvas the program was activated again (or already finished the drawing loop ) -- (Probably something wrong in my code , though I did not make the mistake not using the specific %bn_clicked test.

    Many thanks again !!
    Rob - ah, yes .. Oops OOP's ;-) (pun intended ! -- joking, it'r a great tools (objects)) -- added ... 2K for those who love it big (or to have a better look)
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    Very nice!
    Modern cards support textures up to around 8096x8096 I think.

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