CB BASIC (C BASIC 32 and 64 bit runtime - CB32.LIB and CB64.LIB) BASIC to C translator

CB Runtime - Version (0.2 MB)
Freeware developed by Roberto Bianchi of Italy
website: http://www.softspecialists.com/development.aspx
This is a BASIC to C translator that fully supports and is compatible with MB86 "Minnow Bear BASIC programming language" and CBasic .bas source files. This means that with CB32.LIB or CB64.LIB you will able to create 32/64 bit application from old MB86 or CBASIC .bas source files.
CB Runtime is the C BASIC 32 and 64 bit runtime for MB86 translator. Requires the presence of Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Express Edition.
In order to use the CBxx.LIB you need to meet the followings prerequisite:
Windows 2000 with SP4 or above as operating system, one version of Microsoft Visual Studio Express C/C++, the MB86.EXE executable.
CB run time implements (and extends with new commands) MB86 16-bit run time (Minnow Bear BASIC programming language)

CB Runtime contains 3 directives, 67 statements and 72 functions, which you can view at the following link: