Ok, some vaporware to show in thinBasic world.
It is some time I'm working on next thinBasic version 1.9.
I've already added many new features to the language, many new options to SDK engine regarding Module Classes, and now I've started to work to a very rough visual designer.
I've used a quite old piece of code from PB forum public released by "JULES MARCHILDON" (I will add merit in executable when it will released) changing and adapting it to work under all latest Windows Versions including Windows 8.

So far I've added few controls, control property dialog, form properties, tab order dialog, possibility to save forms in binary format in order to be able to save and re-open when needed.
At the end, the visual designer directly produces thinBasic source code ready to be pasted into a thinBasic script and be executed.
I've intention to release Visual Designer as PowerBasic source code so everyone will be able to participate in development.
The idea is to finish beta version able to work as simple thinBasic code generator but later I will try to add events to forms and controls in order to add thinBasic source code directly into designer and produce real applications and not just skeleton of scrips.

Anyway, a video is worth 1000 words.