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Thread: U.S. squeezes Iran

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    U.S. squeezes Iran

    Who does this help?

    Absolutely, not the vast majority of American citizens.

    But, when is the U.S. federal government primarily (or even the tiniest bit) concerned with helping them?

    For the 99%, survival continually becomes more difficult.

    The government's response?

    Ignorance (I mean in the sense of ignoring, pretending it doesn't exist, i.e., the suffering of its own people).

    As long as order is maintained, the government hasn't the slightest interest in doing other than what it wants to do.

    Which, as always, is trying to dominate the rest of the world.

    For its military escapades, no limit exists on its spending.

    Simultaneously, it warns all of the danger of economic collapse, due to the growing cumulative monetary deficit.

    It justifies cutting every social program, in order to contain its self-admittedly runaway spending.

    But, it says not one word about the fact that its military escapades, which have not the faintest thing to do with national defense, are responsible for its tremendous debt.

    At least in the last 70 years, it is laughable to refer to what the U.S. military industrial complex does, as having anything to do with defense.

    Almost in its entirety, it is not a defense, but an offense (How smart was George Orwell? Or, Humpty Dumpty, --> “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”).

    Its actions make a tiny group of people obscenely rich.

    And, those actions are the wet dreams of the Nazi personalities in it, for whom no amount of money, power, and control, is enough.

    Those people have zero benevolent (or even neutral) feelings for almost every human being.

    Additionally, they are immaculate liars.

    Without giving it a second thought, they would smile at you, and shake your hand, before having you gassed.

    They only care about making doing what they want to do, as easy as they can.

    That includes, never letting their victims know what they intend to do to them.

    Is the current United States government, less dishonest, corrupt, and duplicitous, than the worst previous governments in the recorded history of this planet?

    And, again, to me, the worst part is that it does all it can to hide its true face, it ceaselessly employs smiling, friendly talking heads, to disseminate its propaganda through the corporate owned media.

    And, concerning Iran, the sanctions hurt the Iranian people, who haven't the slightest influence on what its government does.

    But, similar to in Afghanistan and Iraq, the citizens of the countries which the United States goes after, don't matter one iota to the United States government, no matter how strong its protestations are to the contrary.

    It doesn't even attempt to keep count of how many non-combatants it kills.

    The most it does is to try to buy the silence of family members of the innocent people killed (And, since the United States attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq, wouldn't every Afghani and Iraqi killed due to the American presence, qualify as innocent?).

    In my opinion, if the United States federal government was a person, that person would be classified as psychopathic.

    And, let's not forget about 9/11, to me, absolutely, positively, a false flag operation.

    And, if it was, then, many of the highest American government officials, those either still in office, or receiving government pensions, who are becoming even wealthier from speaking fees and book deals, and whose opinions are considered to be golden by the corporate media, should, if justice was done, be held and tried for treason and mass murder.

    And, as circumstances are, people who write things in the spirit of this post, put themselves at risk, from being legally (or maybe illegally or extra-legally) retaliated against, by minions of the actual criminals.

    You see, in this world, in the year 2012, very often the worst consequences accrue, to those who speak the truth about the corruption of the powerful (and the worst retribution comes when specific powerful individuals are accused - it doesn't matter how guilty they are, only how powerful).

    And, don't forget, with respect to 9/11, Obama, "sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil".

    His primary interest is justice, yes? Maybe? Possibly? Or, laughably?

    And, of course, it would be terribly rude to mention the fact that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, correct?

    But, Iran even possessing elements that have radioactive isotopes?

    Totally intolerable, the worst possible threat to the entire human race, right?

    To me, the corruption, the hypocrisy, is sickeningly hilarious, and, much more so because, it is presented without the slightest hint of self-conscious embarrassment due to its blatantly obvious absurdity.

    I bet, in the future, the United States government in the first part of the 21st century, will be viewed as a profound disaster.

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    "You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump." - W.C.Fields

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    Maybe true.

    But, from my viewpoint, Israel isn't required to comply with any agency, about anything.

    And, by the way, who does the United States comply with, besides itself?

    "You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump." - W.C.Fields

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