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    Rosetta Code

    I can only find one example from ThinBASIC on Rosetta Code ( - which of course might simply reflect my lack of ability to find things. That example was rather short - the swap function.

    If this is really the only example then I think it is a pity. Rosetta Code seems to me to be a great resource for learning and comparing computer languages.

    Looking through examples I was struck by how verbose some languages are and how spare others are. For example I think APL might be the least verbose. But rather cryptic...


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    yes rosetta stone is a great show room for all the programming languages.
    and since the site are too big, i suggest Eros may create here a new subforum called rosetta code, and the users can post in that forum their possible contributions to different tasks in rosetta code, if the solution approved then it can be posted to rosetta after editing and elaboration.
    the contributions can be accumulated through time only.
    i have noticed that many Basic forums suffer now from low contributions compared to the previous glory days, i wonder if there are some mysterious alien language there hiding below the horizon abducting them from the Basic language.
    i have found this encyclopedia :

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    I like the idea.

    Here it is:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now ... let's see what thinBasic can do | |
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    I can't find ThinBASIC at the Rosetta site

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    thanks zak, but why is thinBasic not listed in Languages?

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    yes i haven't noticed that, surely the site owner forgot to list it, i think the sole swap example posted by him. as he declared... that he add line here and there in different times. but the majority of the code are from the developers and users.

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    Someone has to register and create a language page, then insert entries into the task pages. It's all done using the Wiki editor.

    You have to take great care not to mess up other entries. I am amazed how much trust there is on this site.

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