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Thread: how to read user input in console application

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    Question how to read user input in console application

    please help on how to read user input in console application
    like Console.Read

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    run the example C:\thinBasic\SampleScripts\Console\Console_Password.tbasic
    it needs a password try: ciao for correct answer.
    it uses Console_InKeyB, you can use also Console_InKey
    tip: position the cursor over Console_InKeyB in the IDE then press F1 this will open the help for Console_InKeyB and on the left you can see all the keywords for Console_...

    PS: for Console_Read() try this
    Uses "Console"
    Dim InChars As String
    PrintL "enter any string than type <ENTER>"
    InChars = Console_Read()
    PrintL InChars
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