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Thread: Thinbasic in latest news article at

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    Thinbasic in latest news article at

    A few may know that I have been writing tech articles for for some time now and I think thinbasic users will appreciate my latest article:

    The article is entitled "BASIC - making a case for an old favorite"

    It is all about using Basic and there is a very nice plug for thinbasic (3 paragraphs actually) so feel free to post comments mentioning why you like ThinBasic.

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    just one of the many reasons i like thinbasic is that we can modify Mesh Vertex coordinates dynamically, as in the examples posted here we load a model and then we torture it as we like in the real time.

    look also making Holes in a model on the fly :
    even in purebasic which are using Ogre engine we can't do that yet, look
    in mathematica this is done just recently with version 8.0

    i suggest that PowerBasic include a modified version of the TBGL module especially the part which deals with models, there are many and extraordinary functions for dealing with models look the tbgl help the functions begins with TBGL_m15.... also the ability to deal with bones, my opinion is that if powerbasic add this huge 3D capabilities to its arsenal it will sell too much copies , look how much the purebasic customers welcome the new 3D Ogre functions ,even it has limitations as told above. so why not using the advanced concepts introduced in its daughter thinbasic !!!!.


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    thank you very much!
    It is a great present.

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    What to say...Chris - thank you very much on excellent article and true story about BASIC.I only can hope that your text will read many young people and finally useBASIC.all best...Aurel

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    ThinBasic earned the place in my article. The professionalism alone with this web site and quality of thinbasic merit it being highlighted.

    Also the nice thing about ThinBasic is that is emulates PowerBasic well and is written in PowerBasic, so when someone wants to move on beyond ThinBasic they have PowerBasic.

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    This is really well written article, thanks Chris!

    Zak, thanks for the nice words, I still continue to improve TBGL, once ThinBASIC is out, it will contain update version allowing to write modular rendering code better.

    Learn 3D graphics with ThinBASIC, learn TBGL!
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    i like mostly in the article comments the very recent DigitalSin comment and his enthusiasm . also he have used Visual Studio designer as a PB GUI designer for a few controls
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