I hope this one is true.

On CNN, every day the "smiling courtiers" drone on and on about the minutia of the current system.

It seems that, the last thing that would occur to any of them, is that the entire thing should be dumped.

And, it seems that, they are absolutely convinced that the system should and will remain exactly as it is, into perpetuity.

I find these people disgusting, partly because, they all always seem happy as larks.

To them, events (at last in the United States), are only a game, of which they are entertained spectators.

They remind me of how I imagine wealthy Romans to have been, going to the Coliseum to watch the gladiators, for a night of enjoyment.

The fact that for the gladiators, the night was not of enjoyment, didn't lessen their delight in the least.

(Look at the photograph accompanying the article, of the four moron Republican presidential candidates. To me, that picture alone, is sufficient evidence that the entire system is a disaster.)


Concerning the next article:

Does the constancy of these reports indicate underlying truth, or, is now the opportunity for every New Age fame seeker to temporarily feel important?