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Thread: CIA prison in Poland

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    CIA prison in Poland

    Members of the CIA (and those who control it, like, Bush Junior) don't care about what they do to other people, but, when it concerns themselves, they're terrified of breaking U.S. law, and, subsequently being prosecuted.

    So, they pressure other countries to let their captives be tortured and killed there.

    And even then, they are not the ones who do it - they might get their suits dirty, they let "cruder" people do that work.

    In that way, they believe they are protected, due to what they believe is, a legal technicality.

    And, at night, they sleep like babies.

    The same thing applies for Guantanamo Bay.

    Is it, a part of any country whatsoever?

    Because, I'm pretty sure the United States did not get permission from Castro to transfer, torture, and kill, alleged terrorists there.

    It's interesting to me, it seems that the ones who order the worst atrocities, are usually, personally, the most extreme cowards.

    Who knows? - maybe before long they will be giddy with excitement about torturing and killing members of their own species in outer space, or on the Moon.

    "You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump." - W.C.Fields

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    dan, i remember when bush the junior together with his friend mr blair said that iraq have nuclear bombs. the inspectors unearthed all the iraqi land and finally at last they find a clock with a tiny radioactive material to glow in the dark :

    and bush said at last, thanks god.
    do you remember the minister of foreign affairs mr Colin Powell when he declared publicly that this sat pictures show biological weapons.

    and every one know now that Colin Powell are sorry for those lies. but to destroy a complete country with its historic places and museums and to allow the thieves to steal those museums are not a big crime!!!. i remember that the defence minister was so happy on the TV for the people stealing the contents of palaces and other places . i and every one don't like saddam but we must not forget that the al-Qaeda proliferated after destroying iraq and making the shia the governers, the shia are the brothers of iran , and they support the crimes of bashar alasad. just deduce. don't forget that al-Qaeda was the criminals who attack in 11 sept. and after destroying iraq al-Qaeda extended itself like the spider web all over the world.
    i was expecting that the new president of america will accuse bush for his crimes againt the humanity and for forgering the evidences just to destroy a whole country. but nothing happened, and the future history students will read the facts .

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    I like the picture of the watch.

    I remember the picture of the chemical/biological weapons sites.

    Absolutely, to me, Bush Junior, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the entire group were/are worse than the Nazis.

    By some estimates, over a million Iraqi civilians have been killed.

    And, let's not forget all of the dead Iraqi (American, British, etc.) soldiers, who would still be alive if not for that fraudulent war.

    In my opinion, everything beginning with 9/11 was a murderous deception for the purposes of, money, power, and control.

    (And, of course, there is also the "little" matter of what has been done to the people of Afghanistan, correct? (A problem for me in writing something like this, is that, if I don't leave crimes out, what I write, grows, and grows..))

    (In fact, everything beginning with the United States attacking Iraq (Thank you, Bush Senior!), after Iraq attacked Kuwait (I think because, Kuwait was allegedly slant-drilling for oil across its border, under Iraq.), after it got the OK to do so, from the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, in 1991, was fraudulent. (In my opinion, concerning that incident, Bush Senior set a trap for Iraq.))

    The group lied to everyone.

    Why did it/they lie?

    Because, that was the only way they would be permitted to do what they planned.

    And, because, by lying, they protected themselves from prosecution.

    So, I have less than zero respect for any of them.

    I cannot say, that I have less respect for Hitler and Goebbels, than I do for them.

    What can be said about Obama?

    As in every case, a person should be judged by his actions, not only his words (If a person's actions do not (at least, generally) match his words, then, the person is dishonest, correct?).

    Just after WWII, what would be the world opinion of the president of Germany, if the world knew, that he knew, there were Nazis still there who had committed atrocities, yet, he made no attempt to prosecute them?

    Should Obama be judged differently?

    One problem for Obama (besides the weakness of his will for honor and justice) is, he would have to admit what Bush Junior and his gang did.

    (Concerning 9/11, I think the crimes committed, include treason.)

    If he began prosecuting the Bush Junior gang, what do you think would happen to the U.S. federal government?

    What would happen to the wealth of a lot of super rich people?

    (As is usual, the higher a government official is, the less likely it is that he will be prosecuted for crimes he committed as part of his official duties.)

    In my opinion, Obama would not have made it to president, if, his highest priorities were ethics, morality, and justice.

    Surely, at least for the United States government, always, its highest priority is its self-perpetuation.

    What else do you think is the real reason that it "classifies", keeps secret, so much information from the U.S. citizens?

    The truth, is far down on its list of priorities, if it is even on the list, yes or no?

    (Let me know, if and when you find one high official in U.S. government, who puts honor before self-interest (Actually, let me know if you find one, who actually does in fact, have any understanding of what honor is).)

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    "You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump." - W.C.Fields

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