This guy will be on our radio show tonight.

Maybe, part or most of the reason for the constant upward movement of oil prices, is geopolitical, and, we, the people, are irrelevant to the manipulators.

I have been thinking about it lately, why are oil prices going up now?, when, to me, there is no apparent logical cause.

(I don't "buy" the mainstream explanation that it is because of uncertainty about what will happen concerning Iran - to me, nothing has changed from a year ago.)

(If I'm correct, all of the mainstream media is owned by just 6 corporations - we should believe what they tell us? Those corporations did not buy the media to advance their own agendas? What percent of their transmissions are propaganda? Zero? Or, maybe higher, do you think? How much information which is contrary to their interests, is never broadcast? How much information is bent to their storyline, and presented as fact? What do you think their storyline is written to advance, the truth, or their plans?)