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Thread: zx spectrum music

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    zx spectrum music

    a huge number of ZX Spectrum computer music collection
    click on eng at upper right to go to english site version
    you will not believe , as an example inside a music archive: (47Kb) there are a 1.5 kb file "HOB1_11.pt2" duration 2.2 minutes with relative high quality music, to play those files with extension .pt2, stp download zx spectrum sound chip emulator from here and drop those files in the program small window

    the site owner deserve sweet biscuits for the quality and huge site, also you the forum guests take One piece only

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    I know the C-64 had the wonderful SID chip for music. I have to look up to see what the zx had... found this:
    Those chips do have the great sound that will live on forever I am sure.

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    hi all,

    new here, just downloaded this great piece of software today. unbelievable how much great music can take up so little space. i noticed above the timer there is a graphic equaliser and while watchin that i noticed it showed the actual musical scale. i guess what it is actually doin is showin exactly what process the emulator is goin through to play the tunes.

    with excitement it occured to me that this here program could be used as sheet music to learn the electric organ and accordion on. to think target renegade played on the accordion! i know with patience i could work it out just from the equaliser itself but what would be really helpful is have the lettered notes come up under the bars.

    so in my search to see if there was a way to bring up the actual notes bein hit i came across this here thread and was wonderin if maybe you might have an idea to which direction i could look to help me on this path. when it comes to music and programmin i am a noob like and don't have a clue where to start.

    i would so grateful for any help on this

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    Hi chuppachups
    "to have the lettered notes come up under the bars"
    i remember playing with a demo from CD-ROM today magazine around 1997 named as "magix music maker" version 1 or 2 in that one you can play music while notes are displayed beneath the virtual keyboard, i am still searching for it on my archives from that magazine CD's which are full of dust. the recent version are too advanced that even i can't know if that feature are still exist. sometimes older versions of software are better than new one. but you can download a demo of it and look about that feature.
    another possibility have a look at this Professional Music Studio online i know little about music but i enjoy it.
    thanks for your interest.

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    cheers for the reply. i will look that program - i guess i will be able to work out the notes myself from sound chip emulator. it will probably be better exercise for my brain to npt take the easy way out.

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    this freeware pianobooster display notes
    i am still searching for the oldest version of magix music maker wich display notes in a way more graphically even than the above pianobooster. when i find the lost CD which contains it i will upload it to mediafire .
    i think it is easy to do this in thinbasic, since thinbasic have all the necessary tools from audio to graphics to manipulate this and i am thinking about this possible project.

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