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Thread: Is there any new issue of ThinBASIC Journal?

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    Is there any new issue of ThinBASIC Journal?

    I was wondering is there there any new issue of TB Journal? Just asking though?

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    there were only issues #1 and #2 released. There are two reasons why this effort was stopped in the PDF form:
    • each issue was so long in the making, that it was almost obsolete once it was released
    • in programming, it is not good idea to create static articles which cannot evolve

    So now, instead of "baking" a Journal many months, the preferred method to share knowledge is to create independent articles(click to see them all), which have the advantage of:
    • being easily updatable
    • users can comment directly on article
    • they can be released anytime, without need to wait till "Journal gets enough articles"

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