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Thread: system colors

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    system colors

    (reorganized this example)

    System Colors:

    ' Empty GUI script created on 12-27-2011 19:04:35 by  (ThinAIR)
    'this example shows a view of the system color palette. 
    Uses "UI", "console"
    %ButtonClose = 1001
    %Labels = 1002
    Declare Function GetSysColor Lib "USER32.DLL" Alias "GetSysColor" (ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long 
    Type rgbaColor
      r As Byte
      g As Byte
      b As Byte
      a As Byte
    End Type
    Union rgbaOver 
      p As rgbaColor
      v As LONG
    End Union
    Function TBMain () As Long
      Dim hDlg As Long
      Dim w As Long, h As Long
      Dim x As Long, y As Long, i As Long
      Dim fg As Long, bg As Long
      Dim gray As Long
      Dim names(31) As String
      Dim myRgba As rgbaOver
    '  Array Assign ArrayVariable([StartIndex]) = Expression1 [, Expression2 [, ...] ]
                            "COLOR_3DDKSHADOW", "COLOR_3DLIGHT", "COLOR_INFOTEXT", "COLOR_INFOBK", "NONE", _
                            "COLOR_MENUHILIGHT", "COLOR_MENUBAR" 
      y = 10
      x = 10
      Dialog New Pixels, 0, "System Colors", -1,-1, 670, 324, %WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW Or %WS_VISIBLE Or %WS_CAPTION Or %WS_SYSMENU, 0 To hDlg  
      'CONTROL ADD BUTTON, hDlg, %ButtonClose, "Click to kill", 90, 50, 40, 14
      Dialog Get Client hDlg To w, h
      For i = 1 To 30
        Control Add Label, hDlg, %Labels+i, names(i) + " (" + Format$(i,"0") + ")", x, y, 210, 23, %SS_CENTER Or %SS_SUNKEN Or %SS_CENTERIMAGE
        bg = GetSysColor(i-1) 'trick for thinbasic as 0 doesn't exist in arrays
        myRgba.v = bg
        gray = (myRgba.p.R*.299 + myRgba.p.G*.587 + myRgba.p.B*.114)
        If gray>128 Then
          fg = %BLACK
          fg = %RGB_WHITE
        End If
        Control Set Color hDlg, %Labels+i, fg, bg
        x +=220
        If x+210 > w Then x = 10: y+= 28
      Dialog Show Modal hDlg, Call cbDialog
    End Function  
    CallBack Function cbDialog() As Long
      Select Case CBMSG
        Case %WM_COMMAND
          If CBWPARAM = %ButtonClose Then Dialog End CBHNDL
        Case %WM_DESTROY
          MsgBox 0, "Window is to be destroyed."
      End Select 
    End Function
    Critic: if anyone like this example or copied this would be fair
    to make a critic or comment about that example.
    but I am sad about such one: sometimes I think it' s
    like a supermarket where's all things for free to get.
    so you are always shopping here for free and nobody say's
    thank you for the gifts. can you tell me why this unfriendly
    behaviour is usual here at board? there's always a lot of work
    or time spending with these examples, you can imagine.
    I wanted to make thinbasic better and learn with these language.
    what's your opinion they are always getting these things for free?

    bye, largo
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