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Thread: learning python?

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    learning python?

    Is there any interest for thinbasic user to learn python or using it for thinbasic? I have no experience with that object oriented scripting language, but I am interested in learning python.

    new edit: I saw at another board, that syntax of python language is like horrible one, so I don't think it's a good idea for going on with that language here.

    bye, largo
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    Python can be extremely useful once you've learnt how to use it.

    About a year ago I made this post on my blog where I used Python to create a small OpenGL app.

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    I dont like python at all,many resons....ahhhOne of them is that ,that i don't see any good reason why use python over any other good programming language around.Only one case - maybe if you have in plan to be linux user, but just maybe...Another ugly fact is - python users hate BASIC as programming language and think that BASIC is only a toy language.What a lie !One language which i tried few days back is REXX and i can say that this language is very very cool for me.

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    Another ugly fact is - python users hate BASIC as programming language and think that BASIC is only a toy language.
    I would love to know where you get your demographics and facts from.

    Python is a good scripting language with a large following. It's earned it's place on the shelf and is much better than PHP if I had to choose. I'm more than happy with ScriptBasic as my scripting engine so Python, PHP and Perl are just languages I used to run open source applications, (forums, wikis, blogs, ...) not develop in them.
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    I only know that python is scripting language (or plugin) for blender 3d or other important 3d animation programs since around two, three years. there might be enough power for this language and it's famous amoung users there I know from other students here at university. but I cannot imagine if there's a big sense to convert (mothy python's) python to thinbasic. I see no big interest here at this forum (my opinion). nice week, regards, -lydia
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    forget Phyton, soon is Christmas and you can get another language instead of Phyton horror.
    trust in Santa Claus!

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    Largo since i know you like Graphics, there is a laguage called processing in the description :[[Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions, Today, there are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning, prototyping, and production. ]]
    who wants to download it download the 85 MB (with java jdk) and not the smaller one (without java), or just click on the "play with examples" online (java run time must be installed)
    available for Windows, Linux, MacOsx
    there are tons of examples in the package. even the examples from books.
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    MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is probably the number one technological university in the United States.

    I think it was in 2009, that it changed from Scheme to Python, for its undergraduate computer science students.

    Most likely, the change was made because Python is such an inadequate, terrible language, yeah?

    That must be why there are so few books about it.

    And numerics? - nothing.

    Look at its website, no activity!

    And, the Windows installer (with just a simple IDE) is just 17 MB, it must only be for baby programmers, right?

    Additionally, it has only existed since 1989, how mature/advanced could it be?!

    I wonder why these three companies sell commercial IDEs for Python.

    They must be really dumb!!

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    forget Phyton, soon is Christmas and you can get another language instead of Phyton horror.
    trust in Santa Claus!
    Good point Peter..

    And i agree with Dan to,windows version comes without IDE then 3companies offer comercial IDE
    for this freaking open source language.
    From my point of view this language is total dissaster and i don't know why some people recomend
    this language for beginners,what a ilussion...
    Python is pushed on every linux distro around..
    maybe because of this Linux still is not very much popular....
    as Peter say forget Python...

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    @Aurel I think Dan was writing in support of Python.

    Anyway Python can be downloaded with an IDE called IDLE & if you want to use a different one for free you could use DrPython.

    Watch these videos showing some children using Python & EasyGUI to see how easy it can be.

    Part of the enjoyment I get from programming is using & learning new languages so I don't know where all the criticism for Python is coming from.

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