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Thread: first quantum chip

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    first quantum chip

    in the last month news the introduction of the first quantum chip which works within the dogma of usual everyday computers ,ie cpu & memory.
    the new chip depends on the idea of the qubit instead of bit, the qubit can be either 0, or 1, or (superposition of 1 and 0). the third state is the enigmatic one: and even the scientists can't know the superposition reality (how it is in itself) but they can use it in practice.
    the new cpu called quCPU and the new Ram called quRam, it is a big step toward the star trek computer.
    the researchers chief Dr. Mariantoni said that the quCPU and quRAM must be cooled to nearly absolute zero he said there is already cheap modern cryostats which does not need the expensive liquid helium.
    so i hope we are in the era resembles the Altair computer in about 1975. we must wait for the first assembler, operating system, and someone who will make the first prototype in a garage. then who know.
    to know more: google california university Santa Barbara quantum chip
    good article here:

    a great philosophy article about "What is quantum mechanics" : mechanics.htm


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    I don't understand quantum computing, 0 and 1 at the same time... but if it means star trek computing and holodecks, I am very happy!!!

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    It was not clear how quantum computing works. I have an impression of many programs running at the same time using the same hardware but different quantum state "channels", in the same way that many signals can be transmitted along a fibre optic cable at different frequencies.


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