Since the documentation, is often unclear, it is difficult to understand what is possible and what is not.
My only choice is to ask questions.
I write in English and translate the text into German with a "framework" I have designed
To be able to get my translation framework in part automated, perhaps using ThinBasic, I want to create lists, which will be used as a forerunner of a dictionary to do the automation.
1. The first list is a list of all words with their parts-of-speech tags.
2. The second list is a list of all standard transformations needed to convert English expression formats into German.
3. The third is list of words in English sentences in a file in the original sequence.
4. The fourth list is created from Lists 1, 2 and 3, to create a word order sequence of the same sentences in the file to meet German grammar needs.
5. A word for word translation of the sentences in the file.
The lists are in the process of being brought up-to-date.
Today they exist as CSV files created mostly with the OpenOffice Calc product.
I do also use a freeware product called dbEdit. I like it because it is is stable and simple.
Are there any users with scripts I might have to understand how to create my own?
What I mean are scripts which do the tasks listed above.
I look forward to any ideas and any help.
Regards, patforkin.