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Thread: 3D curves texturing between mathematica and thinbasic

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    3D curves texturing between mathematica and thinbasic

    Wolfram Research is partnering with NVIDIA to integrate GPU programming into Mathematica.
    this is the latest news from wolfram mathematica:
    also look at the video link in that page.
    look also the article:

    it planned to utilize nvidia cards in the mathematica in the next version 8
    in the article "Twisted Pictures":
    the author was playing in an experimetal v8, he show that the new version enable the user to texture a 3d curve like this:

    to produce the result as in the above article.

    i remembered the Petr example waterpatch in "Height of ground, how to get this":
    and the more advanced:

    it is possible to texture a curve in thinbasic: here is the same Petr example, i just replaced the original 3d curve by a 3d ripple curve , it should produce this image:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    you can find more 3d curves from here:
    also test your curves here:
    and since the model x and z go from -3 to 3 and our example go from -1 to 1 so we have passed x,z to returnY as returnY(x/3,z/3), correct me Petr if i am wrong, i have some ambiguity here.

    other interesting curve is what produced A letter, just uncomment the suitable line to make it appear like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    attached the same Petr example with the new equations.
    if you don't want the animation just delete gFrameTime/600

    PS: added with_tiger_skin other example, you will feel as if the skin of the tiger almost about to tear. if you want one piece of skin convert it like the other examples.
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    Re: 3D curves texturing between mathematica and thinbasic

    Hi Zak,

    thanks a lot for sharing, it looks very good! I like it very much, the A letter is great

    With thinBasic it would be also possible to perform the computation on GPU, as I translated the OpenCL headers.
    The problem is that this approach needs new card and even newer drivers

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