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Thread: Random Number

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    Random Number

    Good evening,

    I have read around the forums and the manual about randomizing a number. Then RND command doesn't actually randomize a number, I have searched because couldn't find anything on "seeding" RND.

    How can I do this or point be somewhere in the manual I could learn this thanks.


    Apologies for this post as I obviously didn't look hard enough and fount the answer I was looking for: Randomize


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    Re: Random Number

    try this

    [code=thinbasic]Uses "console"

    Randomize Timer

    PrintL "random number: " + random1

    Function TBMain() As Long

    MsgBox 0, "random number: " + random1
    End Function

    Function random1() As Long
    Local x As Long
    Static last As Long

    x = Rnd(1,100)
    Loop While x = last
    last = x

    Function = x
    End Function[/code]

    bye, frank
    you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need

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