I just finished this course. There are 27 episodes. If like me, you came to computing from a non computer science background, this is an incredible class. It uses c++, but it is not really a c++ class. The students coming to this class come from a beginning java class. The instructor talks quickly so it does not get boring and they cover many data structures that are in the Standard Template Library and very useful algorithms.

In watching it, it opened up a whole new way of looking at problems and making use of incredible tools available. I have seen bits and pieces in code I have used or studied in the passed, but they do an incredible job in explaining in this course.

If you want to understand, vectors, maps, queues, stacks, recurssion, trees, sets, all sorts of sorting, this course is an eye opener. This is the link to the first of 27 lessons. You can move to the 29 minute mark in this video to get passed the class administration stuff in the beginning.