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Thread: google email & sites are forever

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    google email & sites are forever

    i have an email in gmail (a free one), i have forgotten it for about two years, yesterday i have logged in for that email, for my big surprise i have found it is still active with all the messages are not deleted. also the site i have related with that email are still active.
    so this is a merit for google, it seems they never delete any email or site. this is good since we can upload a picture or a file and we will be sure it will not be deleted after 2 years of inactivity.
    just one thing i am angry from google is the googleUpdate.exe, i can't permit it to continuasly downloading upgrades since i have just 7 GB per month, so i have deleted every occurences of any file which have the string "googleupdate" in it, there was many. and i have deleted all folders called google in the "Documents and settings" and in the program files, and some files in the windows folder. and i am sleeping well.
    nothing is perfect, but in general i love the perpetual email and site.

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    Re: google email & sites are forever

    Hi Zak,

    that is good to know the email accounts survive such a long periods of inactivity.

    Regarding GoogleUpdate: I can see "Google Updater" in my "Add/Remove programs" list, so maybe it is not necessary to manually seek whole system.
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    Re: google email & sites are forever

    hello Petr
    you are right, google updater is there in the add/remove. i haven't seen it before , i will again install chrome to see if i am lucky .

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