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Thread: Alternative IDE: thinSED

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    Hi Jack,

    I got back from Josť, but I have bad news - he did not backed up the thinSED anywhere, so it got lost in the river of time I am afraid (unless something has copy on HDD)

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    I can help

    hi jack, petr, but I have saved a copy from spring time, I hope this content helps
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    Thanks Largo, I was going to post with a different solution. If you download the files in post 7 here & place them in the folder for the SED Editor, downloaded from here. You can get thinSED to work too.

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    mathew and the SED zip

    Hello Mathew!
    Thanks for the SED zip file.
    I have now installed and I am impressed.
    Have you done much work with the editor and used it to write thinbasic scripts?
    If you have programmed with it, have you used the functionality which it acquired from AWK.
    By that, I mean it's ability, to work with sentences as records and with the words in them as fields.
    I would like to hear from you on this subject.
    Regards, and once again thanks, patforkin

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    Hey Pat it's Largo you should be thanking, not me.

    I haven't used thinSED a lot, & to be honest I haven't used AWK a lot either.

    What is it that you're actually trying to do Pat? I think you might be getting confused between SED the *nix Stream Editor & thinSED which is just an IDE for entering thinBasic code.

    If you're after a good tutorial for SED you could try this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by largo_winch View Post
    hi jack, petr, but I have saved a copy from spring time, I hope this content helps
    thank you largo

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    Please, keep in mind that thinSED was a quick hack of my SED editor for PowerBASIC to allow to edit and run scripts while Eros solved a problem with thinAir. As soon as Eros solved it, I stopped working in this version of the editor. Besides editing, the other features are not suitable for thinBasic and lacks some important options that thinAir has.
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    My reply to the SED thread

    My thanks to all who have responded to my interest.
    I am prducing a simple post describing what I am trying to do in terms of automating a translation framework.
    I have built it to translate my texts written in English into German.
    I built it because I found no translation tool which was acceptable.
    I used the concept of a workspace managed by a text editor.
    Unfortunately no text editor could do all the things I needed, so I have two text editors and a simple table database.
    It is slow but effective.
    I decided to look for a language to allow me to program each step in the process as a one-liner.
    This I thought could be executed from a cmd-line called by the editor.
    Honestly I have arrived at a point where "programming" is for me as much of a "pretence offering" as internet is.
    What do I do?
    I mark sentences to separate them into "sentence-parts". (It is my scheme because no language does it).
    I add tags to indicate their roles in German. (Again my scheme because no language does it).
    I re-sequence the parts to meet German grammar rules. (For this I wanted, I thought, SED with its AWK background).
    I transform English expressions to meet German grammar needs. (Only one translation offering on the market can do it).
    I then translate.
    I check translations with the DudenKorrektor.
    I will publish as it operates today in eBook form.
    It will have an upgrade in September with a translation dictionary. (This will fully automate the process and make the DudenKorrektor unnecessary).
    I will simultaneuosly publish a Framework for writing correct English sentences. (It has a notation database that I have built with a simple table editor. - No programming language library offers such, but everyone needs it).
    I will not put the idea of using ThinBasic on ice, but I need a better way to learn it.
    Is there a useful book written in "Real-English"?
    Regards, patforkin.

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    The name of this editor means Scintilla Editor, not streams editor.
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    SED - not the real name

    Just a mistake.
    Neither a Ferrari nor a Mercedes Benz, but just a wheelbarrow,
    Thanks for information.
    Regards, patforkin.

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