Registry_GetAllKeys path SPC issue
issueid=529 16-06-2017 10:47
thinBasic MVPs
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Registry_GetAllKeys path SPC issue
path with spaces seems to fail to return information

I've come back to an old project which requires access to the registry and found the current beta version seems to have a problem with keys path that contain spaces.

Uses "registry"
Local sMsg           As String
Local sMsg2          As String

      sMsg  = Registry_GetAllKeys("HKEYCU", "Software\Microsoft\Notepad",",")
      sMsg2 = Registry_GetAllKeys("HKEYCU", "Keyboard Layout",",")
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Issue Number 529
Project thinBasic
Category Unknown
Status Awaiting Feedback
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 1.9.16.x
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22-06-2017 09:30
thinBasic MVPs
it appears I have found this bug before and its related to PB10

25-07-2017 07:24
Super Moderator
Hi Mike,

corrected DLL sent to email, if OK, it will be part of next thinBasic BETA release.


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