suggestion for adding ISMISSING Function
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suggestion for adding ISMISSING Function
neccessary for importing for powerbasic to thinbasic

i suggest adding ISMISSING function to thinbasic. because i need to use the ISMISSING found in the for powerbasic in thinbasic
temporary i have managed a partial solution just to let the code go on without giving errors
i have changed in the for powerbasic (350 lines):(a show case only)
LOCAL Local_pred AS LONG
IF ISMISSING(pred) THEN Local_pred = 255 ELSE Local_pred = pred

to this in the for thinbasic:
Function ISMISSING(dd As Long)

LOCAL Local_pred AS LONG
Local_pred = IIF( ISMISSING(pred) ,255, pred)

this is not good solution since ISMISSING function here is empty because i don't know what to put inside it, it is just to let the code continue running.
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